The basic equipment needed for self-shooting and working as a Presenter.


Smart Phone Mic

best mic for phone

In built microphones on camcorders and phones are usually very basic and, strange as it might sound, that poor quality audio actually makes your video LOOK bad. So, invest in a good quality external mic, try to get one that has a fairly long lead so you can place the mic as close to the presenter as possible without getting it in shot. The PowerDeWise is a great place to start, click the link to get yours on Amazon: Buy now

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Tripod for phones

A tripod makes life so much simpler and allows you to frame exactly how you want, and if you’re going to be setting up auto que it’s well worth the investment.: Buy now

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Green Screen

Elgato Green Screen

Collapsible Chroma Key Backdrop, Wrinkle-Resistant Fabric and Ultra-Quick Setup for background removal for Self-shooting content and self tape castings Buy now


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 Simple but effective, click the link to get yours on Amazon: Buy now


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Online Presenter Accelerator

A fast-start video series that will transform the way you present on screen. 

Quick and easy techniques to build confidence and credibility when presenting to camera and clients, enabling you to create content that makes them tune in, perk up and buy.


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TV Presenter  Masterclass

A step by step guide giving you everything you need to become a TV presenter.

Discover how to present like the professionals and use the equipment in a TV studio confidently. Then start your career as a working presenter with this step by step guide.


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Children's TV Accelerator

With BAFTA winning Children's TV Producer Helen Sheppard

Develop the specific skills that Children's TV Producers are looking for with guidance and advice from a BAFTA winning Children's TV Producer and Director.


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Other Products

Personal Mentoring Programme

With Brian Naylor

One-to-one bespoke Presenter mentorship programme designed to transform your camera presenting and communication skills, so you have unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach your full potential and achieve the highest level of performance possible.



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VIP Club


Private Community Access

Online club for presenters with access to live and pre-recorded webinars, ask questions and get advice from top industry experts. Network with like minded professionals and start forums to exchange ideas and advice PLUS the presenters toolkit with contacts, support and events. 

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