Our story

Presenter Academy was founded by working performer Brian Naylor originally as TV Training Academy and was based at the iconic Pinewood Studios for over 10 years. 

After working as a presenter on both television and stage for many years he recognised that the guidance and direction he received was often inconsistent, unclear and even suppressive. This drove him to develop a learning environment and style that allows anyone to find their true, authentic voice while maintaining an assertive, professional and engaging delivery.

Regarded as one of the UK’s top presentation skills coaches, Brian has now been working with Presenters and Speakers for well over twenty years offering training and mentorship for those looking to build confident, effective and credible on camera delivery. Many of the people he has trained have become successful presenters on BBC, ITV and Sky, are now major influencers on YouTube and social media or have become professional keynote speakers on some of the world’s leading platforms including TED. His presenter training is trusted with productions and agents worldwide, and has been featured on BBC’s Charlie Brooker Screen Wipes and BBC’s Young, Welsh & Pretty Minted where he mentored YouTube star Gonth from Vlogger to TV Presenter.

Using his first-hand experience and expertise, Brian has designed online training courses, mentorship programs and is the published author of ‘Presenting for TV & Screen The Essential Guide’ all of which maximise people’s potential as a presenter.

He now has a well-respected and highly dedicated team around him who can pass on their first-hand knowledge so current and potential presenters can stand out from the competition, boost their visibility and get the career they desire.

Online Courses

eLearning and remote courses empowering you to:

  1. Talk to the camera in a natural and engaging way
  2. Become an assertive and confident presenter
  3. Overcome anxiety and nerves
  4. Increase on-screen credibility
  5. Effectively structure content
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