Personal Mentorship Programme



As a working performer, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut, lose sight of your goals, or go off-track on your career path. Having a successful Presenting career isn’t all about luck, talent, looks and connections, although these things do help. There are so many things you can do to maximise your career and to achieve the success you deserve.

My 6-week one-to-one bespoke Presenter mentorship programme is designed to transform your career, so you have unstoppable confidence in yourself, reach your full potential and achieve the highest level of performance possible. I work differently with everyone because everyone is different and unique.

Working with me on a one-one basis, I can pass on my first-hand knowledge so you can stand out from the competition, boost your visibility and get the career you desire. This is based on everything I have learnt and experienced as a Presenter, Producer, Director and Media Coach over the 30 years working in the industry.

Professional Guidance & Direction

Your dedicated and personalised strategy to success

My bespoke Presenter Mentorship Programme is suitable for fresh-faced newcomers, seasoned professionals looking for a new direction or entrepreneurs who need to leverage video content in their marketing to keep current customers engaged and attract new customers to their brand.

Weekly sessions include a one-hour video session (Zoom/Skype/Facetime) and 4 Lifelines which can be used anytime during the week for audition advice, casting submission help or any other points that can’t wait. Simply text ‘Lifeline’ to my direct mobile number and I will respond as soon as possible.

I only work with a maximum of 5 Presenters at any one time, so availability is very limited.

Six week mentorship programme is only £899 


Full Mentorship


Six 1 hour sessions

  • Create a step-by-step career strategy
  • Establish achievable goals and create relentless motivation
  • Fine tune your presentation skills & maximise your potential
  • Transform your brand into a valuable commodity
  • Accelerate your success