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Become A Powerful On-Screen Communicator

If you’re making any kind of video content you’re selling something. It could be a product or service but it could also be an idea, a concept or a business plan. Even YouTubers and influencers are selling, it might just be entertaining content but they’re asking the audience to invest their time and watch.

The simple fact is that people buy from people but more specifically they buy from people they relate to or they want to be more like. If your videos look dull or you look uncertain or even uninterested in what you’re saying then your video content will not be effective.

The Online Presenter Accelerator is your step by step guide to becoming a powerful on-screen communicator that people can trust and relate to. The fast-track system allows you to immediately improve on your presenting skills, your ability to structure and design compelling content and increase the quality of your ‘homemade’ video production.

You can then re-visit the modules in your own time using the extra video, audio and written content to really master the finer details and the ‘Presenting that sells’ section combined with ‘Influential and persuasive communication’ will help you become a powerful on-screen authority.

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A Fast Track Video, Audio & eBook Series

Unlock your presenting potential


The ultimate online Presenter preparation & content development program with 18 in-depth sections over four modules plus bonus* content:

  • 3 Dimensional Presenting: Discover how to communicate in 3D and become an effective & engaging communicator never come across as boring, unsure or insincere again.
  • Performance of a Presenter: Bring out the best in your personality with confidence and ease, talking to the camera in a natural, relaxed and authentic way.
  • Camera Presentation Skills & Techniques: Eyes, hands and movement, professional techniques that ensure your presenting works on screen every time!
  • YouTube & Socials - The Essential Money-Making Blueprint: Shows you exactly what steps to take to turn your channel into a marketing and money making platform.
  • Presenting that Sells: The tried and tested formular to writing, structuring and presenting online marketing content that works. It’s literally the golden key to getting conversions.
  • Psychology of Communication: Persuasive and influential techniques to become a true master of communication on every level.

 Plus these 3 bonus* modules:

  •  Self-Shooting: Make your homemade videos look professional and avoid the common mistakes.
  •  Interviewing: Bring an extra dynamic to your video content that is quick and easy to make.
  • Teleprompter: Make written scripts sound natural and save yourself hours of re-takes & script learning.
* advanced & professional plans only

All the tools you need to become a top-tier presenter 

  • Fast-Track video System
  • 14 in-depth explainer videos
  • 8 eBooks & downloads
  • Online & practical assignments
  • Available on all devices
  • Regular updates 
  • 100% positive feedback
  • No time limits
  • Suitable for all levels
  • Bonus modules*

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  • Online Presenter Accelerator Video, Audio & eBooks

X Bonus modules

X VIP Membership

X Community Access

X 2 x 1hour One-to-One Sessions

X Presenting for TV & Screen - Signed Copy

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  • Online Presenter Accelerator Video, Audio & eBooks
  • Bonus modules
  • VIP Membership
  • Community Access

X 2 x 1hour One-to-One Sessions

X Presenting for TV & Screen - Signed Copy



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  • Online Presenter Accelerator Video, Audio & eBooks
  • Bonus modules
  • VIP Membership
  • Community Access
  • 2 x 1hour One-to-One Sessions
  • Presenting for TV & Screen - Signed Copy


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What will you do with effective, engaging and persuasive on-screen presenting skills?


Meet your instructor


Course Instructor

Brian Naylor is a published Author, Presenter, Director and the founder of the original TV Training Academy. Regarded as one of the top communication coaches in the UK, he's trusted by major brands like Microsoft, Red Bull and Virgin and high profile clients including Duncan Bannatyne (Dragons Den), Charlie Brooker (Screen Wipes, Black Book) and Josie Gibson (This Morning).

Brian has also presented and directed various TV shows over the last twenty years, as well as appearing on Sky Sports, BBC 2 and as a judge and mentor on the reality TV show Search for a Presenter.

Most recently he was featured as ‘The TV Presenting Guru’ on BBC 1 and can been seen presenting on a brand new Amazon Prime film due for relrase in 2023. His book 'Presenting for TV and Screen' is available at WHS, Waterstones and Amazon.

What exactly do I get?

An fully automated online training course consisting of video & audio tuition and explanation, illustrated eBooks, assessments and multi-choice questionnaire.

  • In-depth on demand videos
  • Audio transcriptions
  • Practical assignments
  • Downloadable resources
  • Quizzes
  • Access on computer & mobile devices
  • No reoccurring subscriptions
  • Learn at your own pace however and whenever suits you
  • *Optional extra - One to One Live sessions with Brian Naylor

Get the advanced or professional package and all these bonus modules are included

Bonus 1


Make professional looking video content at home or in your office and avoid the mistakes that look amateur.

Bonus 2


Bring an extra dynamic to your video content, keep it fresh and engaging for your audience and bring extra credibility to your content.

Bonus 3


Discover how quick and easy presenting with an autocue can be, even if you hate reading out loud.

Alex K

'A fantastic course with good in depth explanations and all very relatable. Brian helps you gain all the confidence you need, and I've taken away so many tips and techniques that will help for life. Thank you'.

Samantha M

'I've done a few online courses, but this one is by far the best. Not just for its content and ease of working through, but Brian has got such an in-depth and thorough knowledge of all the techniques and tips covered. He's also an excellent trainer'.

Valerie M

'Great Presentation training... very interesting.... learned a lot... Doesn't matter how much you know, if you can't present it to camera and keep it interesting and succinct, you're not going to get your message across'.



The Presenter Accelerator - Full access to the fast start video, audio & eBook series

Upgrade to the advanced or professional programs and get instant access to all the tools you need to become a top-tier presenter:

Bonus 1 - Self-Shooting Blueprint the easy way to film looking professional content at home

Bonus 2 -  The Interviewing Masterclass brings an extra dynamic to your content

Bonus 3 - How to use the teleprompter so you don’t look flat, stiff or like you’re reading

Bonus 4 - Private Community Access for networking, webinars and community forums

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What is the Online Presenter Accelerator?

An eLearning programme consisting of On-demand streaming videos, direct pdf eBook and MP3 Audio downloadable files.

Downloadable pdf eBooks require Adobe Arobat Reader, Mac OS X Pdf reader or other Pdf preview software. MP3 downloads can be played on Windows media player, iTunes, iPhones, Android Phones and most music players and Apps.