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How to Look Great On Zoom Calls - 6 Essential Tips

how to look good on zoom how to talk on camera presentation skills Apr 21, 2022

2020 was a tough year for everyone for so many reasons, with lockdowns majorly changing how businesses operate. It’s something that caused a huge jump in remote working and the use of platforms like Zoom. You’ve likely already used it many times, but were you happy with how you looked? If not, then presentation skills training  can certainly help.

We’ll get to how you can improve your presenting ability with the Presenter Academy in a short while, but first we’re going to give a little help on how to look good on webcam . It’s really important to exude confidence when presenting online and with our 6 essential tips on how to look great on zoom calls , you’ll be much better placed to achieve it.

Tip #1 – Declutter Your Background

One of the things you learn early on when taking presentation skills training  is the importance of prep. This can take many forms, be it practice or the creation of cue cards, but many forget to do one of the most basic things – decluttering your background. Leave too much mess like books, ornaments and drying washing in the background and it’s going to distract your audience – plus it doesn’t look very professional.

Tip #2 – Ensure Your Lighting is Good

Number two on our how to look good on webcam  list is to make sure that your lighting is good. Too many times, people have a window in the background – something that automatically makes you harder to see. Let’s face it, people have logged on to Zoom to see you, so that’s where the light should be – on you.

You can make sure this is the case by turning your laptop around so you’re facing the window or by investing a little on a ring light. At no more than £20 from sites like Amazon, it’s a small price to make sure you’re seen clearly. Failing that, there’s a video on YouTube called White Light that turns your TV into a light source that bathes you in the necessary brightness.

Tip #3 – Get Your Camera Framing Right

Another factor that people forget when presenting on Zoom is framing. In an ideal world, you’ll be slightly above the camera lens (by about an inch), not too close and not too far away. You don’t want to be obviously looking downwards, as it can be quite unflattering or indeed upwards because it can make you look submissive. As you’ll learn on presentation skills training , make sure you’re framed evenly with the camera at roughly head height and at a good distance.

Tip #4 – Don’t Neglect Your Audio

While visuals are obviously important, so is your audio, because if people can’t hear you properly, you’re clearly not going to get your message over. Internal laptop and smartphone mics are often of a poor quality, resulting in hissing and echoing, so investing a little in a USB microphone can be a great move, particularly as it will allow you to get a good distance away from the camera without having to shout.

Tip #5 – Dress the Part

While page one of the how to look good on webcam  handbook would tell you that you need to look smart and professional, there is another aspect to it. That’s because your professional workwear also needs to be plain and pastel-coloured, with absolutely no pin stripes or checked patterns. That’s because these patterns are known to cause a strobe effect that will likely distract your audience.

Tip #6 – Try to Present Somewhere With No Distractions

Everyone has seen those videos of presenters on Zoom getting interrupted by pets and kids ‘film bombing’ their parents by running into shot, so some thought has to be given to who is going to be in your office or home before you start. Some people go as far as putting a ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door and disconnecting their front door bell to ensure no interruption occurs.

Improve Your Zoom Prowess With Presentation Skills Training

As we can see, there are quite a few things that you can do to guarantee you’re not held back from being the best Zoom presenter you can be. However, if you want to take things a step further, presentation skills training  from the Presenter Academy can really help. We even offer our free 3 Tips For Perfect Presenting Online Course, just for subscribing!

Our founder and director Brian Naylor has also written and published a book Presenting for TV and Screen: The Essential Guide which will guide you through all the key principles, essential presenting skills, techniques and career strategy. As well as an in-depth look at why tonality, facial expressions and body language are vital for effective and engaging communication. This practical guide is an essential tool for anyone who wants to become a natural, confident and engaging on-screen presenter or anyone who is looking to prepare for an effective presentation. You can pre-order your copy of Presenting for TV and Screen: The Essential Guide now on Amazon.


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