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Become A Children’s TV Presenter Course

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Become A Children’s TV Presenter

Many people who come to us are looking to become Children’s TV Presenters. Some are from various backgrounds from working in holiday camps, teaching, children’s entertaining, vloggers, an expert in a particular field, actors and some are coming in completely fresh with no experience. Many people think you have to be ‘young’ to become a Children’s TV Presenter but this isn’t always the case, think Justin Fletcher & Jane Duvitski . If children can relate to you as a parent or even a grandparent figure this can be good.

Children’s TV has many audiences from toddlers to teenagers so knowing is it CBeebies or CBBC your aiming for. You will require a show reel to show what you look like on camera and it should contain a variety of PTC’s (Pieces to camera) which shows your personality and ability as a Children’s TV Presenter and how you will engage with them. Items like; Make or do, singing and dancing, an autocue piece, storytelling or doing something talented like riding a unicycle which is what Matt Baker did when he sent his show reel to Become A Blue Peter Presenter. Try to think of something that makes you different and stand out.

You should also have a valid CBS /DBS which the case for most TV productions and a squeakily clean social media profile!!

Helen Sheppard is a BAFTA & 3 RTS winning BBC / CBBC director & producer. She has been BAFTA nominated seven times and we were over the moon when her hard work and passion for Children’s TV got her a BAFTA for CBeebies’ Get Well Soon Hospital which she was the producer and Dr Ranj was the presenter. Helen has been working in the TV Industry for almost 30 years and has directed programs including Justins House, Something Special, Gigglebiz, Swashbuckle & Art Attack

Helen is one of our media trainers here at The Presenter Academy and you can find out what she looks for in a Presenter and her insights on how to become a Children's TV Presenter in our new 'Become a Children's TV Presenter' online'

Become A Children’s TV Presenter course, get intant access: Find out more

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