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+ Discover your confidence & personality in front of the camera and present like the professionals.

+ Create a 'Presenter' brand that gets you noticed by the TV Companies & Producers.

+ Take full advantage of opportunities & increase your audition success rate.

TV Presenter training course

Become A TV Presenter

Working as an established, professional presenter is a job like no other with no two days being the same. My presenting career took me around the word from the wine regions of Australia to the Royal Andalusian Dancing Horse Arena in Portugal. I’ve presented from a hot air balloon 3000ft above the Barossa Valley and in the back of a speeding formula 3 rally car as well as hosting live sporting events in front of thirteen thousand people at Wembley Arena and Media Exhibitions in Dubai.

I’ve hundreds of hours of live and pre-recorded TV and Radio experience on The BBC, Sky Sports, The Horse and Country show, Vinnapris Wine Channel, Asset TV, County Focus, BBC Radio Oxford, River Radio as well as cameo appearances in Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe (BBC2), Young Welsh and Minted (BBC1) and Red, White & Royal Blue (Amazon Prime).

It may sound like a cliché but if I can do it anyone can because when I started out I didn’t have a clue. I took the long way around and made every mistake there is to make, ask me about my screen test for the launch of the National Lottery Live some time! I wasted years waiting to be discovered by an agent, thinking that someone would see the potential talent in me, take me under their wing and help me develop but why would anyone invest in my potential if I hadn’t?

It wasn’t until I auditioned for a Canadian Director called Tom Kerr that the penny dropped. Tom said to me ‘You have got potential but you’re subconsciously holding back because you’re either unsure or you don’t really know if what you’re doing is correct’ he went onto say that ‘you need to invest in yourself and you need training’  and he was right because it gave me a solid, unstoppable confidence in myself that casting directors, agents and producers could all see in my performance.

It's from that solid grounding and over two decades of training and directing presenters that I’ve designed and developed The TV Presenting Masterclass, the most extensive and thorough presenter career development system ever made available online.

The TV Presenting Masterclass will guide you step by step to your full potential by ensuring your presenting skills and techniques are solid and giving you the confidence to release your genuine individuality. It will also give you the skills and technical knowledge to film and create quality video content at home, essential for the ever increasing demand for ‘self-tape castings’ and it will guide you through the minefield of finding work and getting agents.

If you really want this career you can make it happen, train and develop your talent because the more skills, knowledge and confidence you have the more valuable a talent you become and directors and producers are searching for valuable talented individuals.

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The Complete Video, Audio & eBook Course

 New for 2022

A tried and tested system that gives you a distinct advantage over other performers and accelerates your path to becoming a working TV Presenter. Once you've completed the TV Presenter Training Masterclass you'll be able to develop your talent and reputation as a professional TV Presenter and when looking for work you'll know how to avoid the common mistakes which can save you years of fruitless applications and failed castings.

The ultimate online TV Presenter training experience with four in-depth modules:

  • Performance of a Presenter & Camera Presentation Skills: Essential TV presenter training on core camera presentation skills that will boost your confidence, professionalism and success rate.
  • Presenting on Live TV: Every professional presenter must have the core skills for teleprompter work, talkback, multi camera, interviewing etc. One poor performance on a job can end a career. This module ensures that you can do the job competently and you build a solid, professional reputation within the TV industry.
  • Self-Shooting & Branding: Self shooting demos and self-tape castings are where most new presenters go wrong. This module ensures you can create the best promotional material with whatever equipment you have, even just your phone.
  • Career Strategy: Promote yourself to the right people, in the right way and get paid TV presenting work. Includes branding yourself correctly on YouTube, Insta, TikTok and casting websites as well as CV's, Showreels and industry contacts.




  • 14 in-depth explainer videos
  • Over 2 hours of audio content
  • 8 eBooks & downloads
  • Online & practical assignments
  • Available on all devices
  • Regular updates 
  • 100% positive feedback
  • Includes industry contacts
  • CV & Biog examples
  • No time limits
  • Suitable for all levels


Innovative ways to get TV Presenting jobs that 99.9% of new presenters miss.



Questions we're often asked:

Q: Are there really opportunities for someone with no experience?  Yes, there are 100's and we'll show you where to find them.

Q: Can I do this part time? To start with, yes. You'll need to take time off for the presenting jobs, as your career grows, you can go full time.

Q How much does a TV Presenter earn? It depends on the channel but the average basic studio fee (BSF) is £350/day. Full time work may start as low as £25,000 to £30,000.



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  • TV Presenting Masterclass Video, Audio & eBooks
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 How it works

Our TV Presenting Course works on both computers and smart devices meaning you can access your course material and study anywhere, any time and on the go. 

Modules can include video training, audio descriptions and written content that you can study at your own pace, and can be re-visited at any time. There is no time limit and you have lifetime access to your course.

At the end of each module there are multiple choice questions that will ensure you have fully understood the section, you will immediately be told your pass mark and you can re-take the assessments as many times as you like. There are also practical video assignments that will need to be uploaded to YouTube once completed. 

On completion of all the modules, you will receive a Presenter Academy: Intermediate TV Presenting Skills Certificate.

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Course Instructor

Brian Naylor is a published Author, Presenter, Director and the founder of the original TV Training Academy. Regarded as one of the top communication coaches in the UK, he's worked with major brands like Tesco, Microsoft and Virgin and helped high profile clients including Duncan Bannatyne (Dragons Den), Charlie Brooker (Screen Wipes, Black Book) and Josie Gibson (This Morning).

Brian has also presented and directed various TV shows over the last twenty years, as well as appearing on Sky Sports, BBC 2, Hits Radio and as a judge and coach on the reality TV show Search for a Presenter.

Most recently he was featured as ‘The TV Presenting Guru’ on BBC 1 and is currently working on a brand new Amazon Prime film due for release in 2023. His book 'Presenting for TV and Screen' is available at WHS, Waterstones and Amazon.

Brian Naylor

All these modules and more.

YouTube and Social Media: 

Bring your brand to life and promote yourself in the correct way.  


Bring out the best in your personality and find your inner confidence creating a valuable brand that TV Producers are looking for.

Presenting Techniques:

Make the camera work for you and ensure that your movements, eyes and presenting skills are a perfect match for the camera.

 Career Strategy:  

Step by step guide on building a valuable brand that TV Producers are looking for.


Make professional looking video content at home or in your office and avoid the mistakes that look amateur.


Bring an extra dynamic to your video content, keep it fresh and engaging for your audience and bring extra credibility to your content.


Discover how quick and easy presenting with an autocue can be, even if you hate reading out loud.

Persuasive & Influential Presenting: 

Powerful techniques to ensure effective on-screen communication

Alex K

'A fantastic course with good in depth explanations and all very relatable. Brian helps you gain all the confidence you need, and I've taken away so many tips and techniques that will help for life. Thank you'.

Samantha M

'I've done a few online courses, but this one is by far the best. Not just for its content and ease of working through, but Brian has got such an in-depth and thorough knowledge of all the techniques and tips covered. He's also an excellent trainer'.

Valerie M.

'Great Presentation training... very interesting.... learned a lot... Doesn't matter how much you know, if you can't present it to camera and keep it interesting and succinct, you're not going to get your message across'.


What is the TV Presenter Training Masterclass?

An eLearning programme consisting of On-demand streaming videos, direct pdf eBook and MP3 Audio downloadable files.

Downloadable pdf eBooks require Adobe Arobat Reader, Mac OS X Pdf reader or other Pdf preview software. MP3 downloads can be played on Windows media player, iTunes, iPhones, Android Phones and most music players and Apps.